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Tip-off the Summer 3-on-3 SHOOTOUT
3 DIVISIONS(Boys & Girls)
AGES 9-10
AGES 11-12
AGES 12-13
The Elite Center presents its 3rd Annual Tip-Off the SUMMER 3-on-3 Tournament with the proud support of Wilson Sporting Goods. We take great pride in providing a highly organanized, well- officiated tournament while rewarding our winning teams with the with the best of the best. 9-10 Year Old Division 11-12 Year Old Division 12-13 Year Old Division Begins at 2:00pm Begins at 4:00pm Begins at 6:30pm
EACH MEMBER of the winning team of EACH DIVISION will receive the an EVOLUTION GAME BALL and an ELITE BASKETBALL shirt!!!
Tournament Overview Players register AS A TEAM TEAM COST: $150 A maximum of 4 player will be allowed per team Each Team will be placed in the proper age/ability division Each Team will play a minimum of 3 games Games will be refereed by our Elite Instruction coaching staff Tournament Structure Teams will be randomly broken up into pools. After 3 games played within your pool, the top team in each pool, along with multiple wildcard (2nd or 3rd place) teams, will then advance to make an 8-team single elimination play-off. Any ties will be broken with a shoot-off Teams may bring a coach. However, it is not required. Games will be 10 minutes in length (running clock) Teams with 4 players will substitute at the 4 minute and 8 minute mark(4min, 4min, 2min) NO SUBSTITUTIONS will be allowed at any other time The clock will stop in the final 30 seconds If a player is fouled on a shot, one free-throw will be taken. If fouled on a 2-point shot, the one free-throw is worth 2 points. If fouled on a 3-point shot, the one free-throw is worth 3 points. If the score is tied after regulation, there will be a sudden death overtime.
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