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Massage Therapy Evolution Yoga Studio
Viorica Gansca Viorica, a liscensed massage therapist since 1994, is a graduate of Chicago School of Massage Therapy (Cortiva Institute). Viorica is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association and is certified in the following: Muscle Therapy - Relaxation Massage - Trigger Point Therapy - Deep Tissue - Sport Massage Vicky is incredible. I cannot thank her enough for the work that she has done over the last 8 years to keep my body healthy and active. I call her a “body technician”. Whether its back or neck pain, hip pain, plantar fascitis, etc., Viorica’s greatest strength is her ability find and properly treat the source of pain. I cannot be more thrilled to have her here at the Elite Center/Evolution Yoga. -Mike Ipjian Owner/Founder of Elite Instruction and the Elite Center Vicky performed a relaxation massage. It was absolutely wonderful. I have scoliosis and struggle with neck and shoulder pain. I can honestly say that Vicky did more for me than any physical therapist ever could. She is tremendous. -Kathy Hickey 60 Minute Massage - $95 75 Minute Massage - $110 Note: You are not charged for set-up time (like at most spas or health clubs). Victoria performs the massage for the entire duration. “A 60 minute massage shouldn’t be 50 or 55 minutes. With Viorica, its a FULL 60 minutes.” 10 Hour Package - $890 Note: These 600 minutes may be used toward 60 or 75 minute massages. The 10 hour package will expire 6 months after the date of purchase. Please CONTACT US to schedule an appointment NOW